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"The most important lesson I received from Conceptual art consisted in the recording of simple and obvious things, and viewing them under a whole new light"

Luigi Ghirri --photographer (1943-1992)

Born and raised in Germany, I live and work in Florence, Italy, since 1982.


I first started taking photos in my twenties and was immediately fascinated by black and white photography. Being drawn from the very beginning by shapes, structure and all forms of light effects, I focused on observing mostly nature and landscapes, but also street life and people. 

While attending classes over several years in the Florentine school F64 by photographer Luciano Ricci, I spent a lot of time in the darkroom. Since then, the curiosity of experimenting various forms of expression and interpretation, has over the years become my personal pursuit with the help of digital processing and editing, with or without a camera. 


More recently, thanks to the collaboration with Italian photographer Franco Guardascione, I’ve been deepening my artistic research and exploring new forms of photographic expression. 


Capturing and creating images is not only a passion, but also a way for me to find serenity and inner balance.

All photos are available as fine art prints in various sizes.

For details and quotations  please contact

Anja Schultz

++39 348 9047044

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